Car Clay™ Bundle

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Meet our newest product: Car Clay. Solid fragrance for your car.

Your order will include a full-sized container of Car Clay and a Car Clay Mini. 


Our quality products ❤️ Traditional, cheap fresheners
Clean, natural ingredients 🍃
Made from cheap chemicals & additives ☢️
less than $0.40 / day $3-4 per freshener, needs to be re-bought repeatedly
Beautiful, metal design Cheap paper or plastic
Conveniently delivered to your doorstep Inconvenient trips to the gas station
No headaches 😎
Headaches 🤕
Protected by our Scent Guarantee™ No commitment to quality

Mahogany (our best seller)a blend of cedarwood & mahogany blended with light lavender notes

Dark Iceour own light, masculine scent with wood & citrus notes

Scent refills through Club Membership are only $9/mo, billed every 2 months. Shipping is free. Easily skip, swap, or edit your subscription at any time. Subscriptions have a one delivery minimum before cancellation.

*Please disregard the Refill $ amount on checkout- it is currently displaying an incorrect rate. The guaranteed refill subscription is $9/mo, billed every 2 months.

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