Silver Starter Kit (Cars for Cancer Collab)

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This is a limited collaboration with our friends at Cars for Cancer! Every order is matched with a teddy bear donation to a children's hospital in the US. 

Your order will include: your beautiful metal freshener, a driftwood cartridge, and your glass scent-refill- as part of your first month to the Club.

Refills are only $9/mo, you can easily skip, swap, or edit your subscription at any time. 

Scent profiles:

Dark Ice - our own light, masculine scent similar to the infamous Black Ice 
Autumn - a comforting pumpkin spice, fall-season scent

5 ways this is a better alternative to normal fresheners:

1) How valuable is your time? Never lose time again by having to hunt for fresheners at a gas station or store. 
2) More beautiful, sleek design. 
3) Eco-friendly. 100% of our aluminum is recycled, and our cartridges are biodegradable. 
4) Natural, premium scents. No spray-on chemicals.
5) You're making an investment, not a purchase. Save time and money each month with the convenience of Car Scent Club.

Every part of your car should be beautiful. The freshener that lives in your car shouldn't be any different. The freshener is designed with a full aluminum body- no paper or plastic. 

Contact info:

Privacy Policy & Return Policy linked and detailed in the footer below. 


Mahogany (our best seller)a blend of cedarwood & mahogany blended with light lavender notes

Dark Iceour own light, masculine scent with wood & citrus notes

Scent refills through Club Membership are only $9/mo, billed every 2 months. Shipping is free. Easily skip, swap, or edit your subscription at any time. Subscriptions have a one delivery minimum before cancellation.

*Please disregard the Refill $ amount on checkout- it is currently displaying an incorrect rate. The guaranteed refill subscription is $9/mo, billed every 2 months.

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