Discovery Sampler

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Receive fragrance cards to explore all our available scents! Each sampler order will also include a unique gift card credit that can be credited toward an Ultimate Kit Bundle.

These are intended as previews for our flagship Kits which deliver more concentrated, refined scents. Our Kits are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, while they are in stock!

Mahogany (our best seller)a blend of cedarwood & mahogany blended with light lavender notes

Dark Iceour own light, masculine scent with wood & citrus notes

Scent refills through Club Membership are only $9/mo, billed every 2 months. Shipping is free. Easily skip, swap, or edit your subscription at any time. Subscriptions have a one delivery minimum before cancellation.

*Please disregard the Refill $ amount on checkout- it is currently displaying an incorrect rate. The guaranteed refill subscription is $9/mo, billed every 2 months.

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